Leaf Pool Cover

Legend has it that back in 2012, sailing around the Pitiusas Islands, aboard a sailboat called Fandango, anchored in hidden coves on the island of Formentera, two friends excited about a new project added to the effect of a glass of ice, lemon, tonic and the liquor of inspiration, ended up turning the name of a sailboat into the name of their future company: Fun&Go.

Our history

In January 2016 we set up Fun&Go. An idea shared by two people who have dedicated a large part of our lives to observing, studying and analysing sectors as wide-ranging as ironmongery, construction and industrial supply, and who finally decided to make it a reality.

August 2017. Combining knowledge and experience in construction and boating, in order to solve a particular problem, we discovered a practical, simple and comfortable solution to avoid the annoying fall of leaves and insects inside swimming pools. This is how our swimming pool netting was born:

Leaf Pool Cover by Fun&Go.

An easy to install cover that does not need any fixing to stay on the water. The pool is kept clear of leaves and insects and allows you to enjoy swimming by removing it without having to spend time cleaning it, ” Ingenious solution!

So we decided to mass produce it and present it to professionals.

“We had something to share!”

In October 2017 we presented LPC at the ” Pools & Wellness” trade fair, the acceptance and interest shown by more than 200 visitors from more than 25 countries clearly indicated to us that there was a need for a solution like ours.

“People loved LPC, it was an incredible feeling.

In January 2018 we started exporting to France, maintaining contacts in other countries and actors interested in its distribution, at the end of 2018 we also participated in Piscine Global in Lyon.

“We want to take the LPC by Fun&Go to the world, will you join us?

For the first steps in the production and handling of products we rely on the indispensable help of Mr. Salvador Rosàs, a master in the art of inventing machines that make your dreams come true, and in this case, as in so many others, we started production in his garage. 

The machines from which the first products were produced bear his stamp and are still in full operation today.

At Fun&Go, based in Barcelona, we are constantly innovating in order to continue fulfilling our main objective: 

“Making the difficult easy.