Leaf Pool Cover

Why buy the Leaf Pool Cover.

  • It is the only solution in the market valid for any type of pool.
  • It does not need to be fastened or fixed to the floor.
  • Easy and quick to install and remove.
  • Sizes adapted to most prefabricated pools.
  • Includes instructions for use + laminated bag for storage after use.
  • We can make special sizes

What they say about our pool mesh.

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What size you need.

Knowing what measures you need to protect your pool and enjoy your leisure time is very easy with the help of our calculator. Just follow the steps. Go on!

Step 1: Select your pool type

Is it high or ground level?


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Step 2: Measure the sides of your pool

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Step 3: Indicate the measures

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More information about Leaf Pool Cover

Leaf Pool Cover is a practical solution, easy to install and use.

Frequently asked questions

The plumbed rope that runs around the perimeter of Leaf Pool Cover by Fun&Go, gives it a weight that allows it to be maintained without the need to be fixed. You don’t need to drill holes in your garden or terrace, nor do you need to carry out any kind of building work for its effective and quick installation. In addition, the weave and lightness of the mesh means that it lies flat on the water avoiding the “sail effect” (displacement).

Yes. You can use the mesh during periods when the pool is inactive (autumn, winter) by placing it on top of the hibernation awning to keep the surface clean of leaves, branches, insects, etc. You willincrease the life of your cover, improve the health of your pool and reduce chemical consumption.

No. Leaf Pool Cover by Fun&Go takes up very little space. If you decide not to use the net for a while, once it is clean and dry, you can fold it up and store it in the laminated bag included in the kit and store it in your storage room, taking up minimal space.

No problem! We also make special sizes, please ask for information at

Conditions of use

Handle with care and protect sharp angles or areas that may cause tears or breaks in the netting and prevent it from functioning properly.

For durability, wash under running water once a month and let it air dry.. If you want to remove the Leaf Pool Cover for a season, it is advisable to carry out the same process before storing it in its corresponding cover.

Keep your pool water pH between 7.2 and 7.6. When the pH drops below 7.2, the water becomes acidic, causing various problems for both people and pool materials. On the other hand, when the pH rises above 7.6, the water becomes too alkaline. In this case, it irritates and dries out the skin of bathers, and it also encourages the build-up of calcium deposits on the surface of the pool.

Safety warnings

This product is not a safety net. This product is not a toy Under no circumstances should you bathe or swim in the pool with Leaf Pool Cover installed. And remember to keep children and animals away from the pool or under adult supervision.