Leaf Pool Cover



Leaf pool cover is the perfect solution to avoid the continuous and annoying fall of leaves and insects in your pool.

NO FIXINGS! Thanks to the weight provided by the plumb rope, it is not lifted by the wind.

You will set it up in just 2 minutes.








Anti-leaf mesh pool cover

Easy, no fixings.

Unlike other products, Leaf Pool Cover by Fun&Go does not need fixings for its installationand correct operation.

The perimeter of the mesh is enclosed by a 6 mm nylon plumbed rope. The weight is 60 gr. per m2 and avoids the need to use bindings.

Fast, in 2 minutes.

Putting on and removing the Leaf Pool Cover by Fun&Go from your pool is as easy and quick as you read.

Protect your pool before you leave home in record time!


No insects

The composition and shape of the Leaf Pool Cover by Fun&Go mesh, woven in high density polyethylene, prevents insects from entering the pool.

Its tiny squares prevent bees, wasps, dragonflies, etc. from drowning in your pool when they land on the water to drink.

With Leaf Pool Cover by Fun&Go, they will perch, drink and fly away without the risk of falling, as they will do so on the mesh and not directly on the water.



No doubt, the worst enemy of swimming pools are the leaves of the different types of trees that surround them.

It’s not necessary to have trees right next to you to see your pool covered with leaves, as the wind blows them quickly from one place to another.

Placing a Leaf Pool Cover by Fun&Go in the pool makes it easy to collect all the leaves that have fallen on the mesh quickly and easily.

Save on maintenance

With the use of Leaf Pool Cover by Fun&Go, your pool water will require less intensive maintenance. By preventing leaves, insects, etc. from falling into the water, it also prevents their organic remains from settling on the bottom and spoiling the water in your pool.

In this way, you willsave on chemicals, whether for cleaning or water conservation.

Enjoy your free time

Once Leaf Pool Cover by Fun&Go is installed, you don’t need to spend hours keeping your pool clean.

If before using it, cleaning your pool surface of leaves, insects or any other floating material took time and effort, now with Leaf Pool Cover, you can spend  that time enjoying your hobbies.


Extra-large sizes

Leaf Pool Cover is a practical solution to protect large swimming pools during prohibited bathing hours, for example in hotels, municipal swimming pools, etc. Its light weight allows it to be handled by two people.

Special measures

Our production system allows us to provide solutions for the vast majority of swimming pools on the market. We can make tights in many sizes and above all, the most important one: yours!


Winter accessory.

Leaf Pool Cover helps you keep your winter cover clean, without organic residues on its surface, so your pool will have a better water quality and will need less chemicals. You can easily remove leaves, insects and even objects that, strangely enough, end up in the centre of the cover.

Leaf Pool Cover videos

Installation of Leaf Pool Cover swimming pool netting

Assembly of Leaf Pool Cover, step by step.